Evincio is Recruiting!

Evincio is opening the recruiting doors again! All classes are invited to apply. Currently we are in need of Healers! Resto Druids, Holy / Disciple Priest will get priority. All other classes that apply will still be taken into consideration.

We are in need of some new blood. While we are not opposed to anyone under 70, we prefer anyone interested to be accustomed to at least Kara (gear and play level) and ready for 25 mans. Anyone that applies will need to prove that they are capable of playing their class properly. This may be done in a heroic run of the guilds choice or a 25 man.

Our Raid Schedule is here:

Times are based off of PST (Server Time) – 25 man raids are Wed & Friday starting at 6 pm and going until 9 pm.

Monday & Saturday are ZA – Tuesdays are Kara or pickups the rest of the week for badges and optional gear.

Here is a quick breakdown of our progress http://lethon-us.warcrafter.net/guilds/Evincio

Whether you are epic’d out or still hanging on a few greens, your mentality should be focused on progression, as we are looking to complete the current BC content while preparing for future expansions. We are a tight group of players that enjoy gaming and real life equally.

All classes are welcome to apply, those needed will get first priority.

The application process is simple and easy to understand. This helps us to get to know you better and gives you a chance to shine for your first impression.

Our application page:


If you have any questions please feel free to pm Wootcake in game.