Lunamere Falls to Evincio!

The plan had be made, the date had been set, and at the last minute Evincio decided now was the time. It became a Leeroy Jenkins moment, where we all shouted “Thumbs up… Let’s do this!”

What began as a tactical move to weaken the last Giant City, ended in a full scale siege within an hour. We began by lowering the health of all the keeps without killing them as to not draw attention from the other kingdoms. As we began to see the keeps falling too quickly, we realized we were doing too much damage and the goal was closer than we thought. We pulled all stops and called for a full attack unsure if we were able to finish what we started. All while not even a large enough house to capture, but close… The decision had to be made… Do we drop a city to capture one of two largest cities or will we level the house up to 6 while attacking and in time to capture.

Evincio was victorious and added it’s 6th city to the house, Lunamere.

All was not possible without the amazing house we have built and supported by the the pillars of leaders in place.

In no particular order, thank you all! We are track for greatness!

Matt_TheHead, SnoutlyPlayz, Kardy, Devarian, Heimjoint, Crush aka Mr Careless, Corderio