Evincio is an online gaming guild that was originally formed in Lineage 1 under the name Evenceo, pronounced ev-en-key-oh, a latin word meaning “to bind together”. It was later reformed in Lineage 2 and respelled Evincio after the current latin spelling in 2004.

Evincio consists of players from all over the world that have met throughout diffefernt online games.. While the “flavor of the month” game may come and go, Evincio holds together by the strong friendships we have built within it’s members. Evincio takes on new members every so often but it’s the CORE members, also known as CoP members that hold it together.

We have accomplished a lot in the games we have played, but the main thing we focus on is fun. What we play are games and they are made for enjoyment. So when you are not having fun, it is time to quit or take a break. Real life always comes first with us.

We consider ourselves much more than a bunch of virtual friends, we are a family.

Evincio Conquers Aden Castle

The above picture was one of Evincio’s shining moments when we assisted in taking Aden Castle in Lineage 2. Dominus, Evolution, and Evincio were the first alliances to take Aden Castle in North America.

If you are interested in joining our family please Click Here. Feel free to ask any questions that may come across your mind.