Karazhan + Evincio = Style Points

Last night we ran Kara with, 2 warriors (off tank / DPS), 2 druids (1 MT / 1 Healing), 1 Paladin (healing), 1 Shammy (DPS), 1 Mage (DPS), and 3 Hunters! (DPS). We should have known this would be another fun raid, filled with style points, after downing Huntsman with 9 people and only 1 healer.

Moroes - No CCMaiden - KarazhanLittle Red Riding Hood - Opera EventEvincio Downs Curator

We cleared Moroes on the first try with no CC, killing all the peons and then Moroes himself. Having a couple of new members, they definitely experienced Evincio. Cheapdoc put it plainly “dude… u guys are crazy”

We then moved on to Maiden with no trouble. Mogtar having the quote of the night, while explaining our whole entire run in just four words “This is so ghetto” – Mogtar. You can see it in the chat log on this screenshot.

We got lucky with Opera Event. Since we had no warlock with us, we knew getting OZ would be difficult. But we lucked out and got “Little Red Riding Hood”. Wootcake dying early on they completed this with 9. Mandas thought it was ok to run around in circles in his favorite red dress! LAWLS!

Lastly we cleared curator in only 2 evocations.


Everyone had a great time, new members were able to experience Evincio, and I’m sure they almost nothing but good things to say. Next raid is Monday!