WoW Season 3 Arena Gear

Priest Season 3 Arena GearThanks to FealHeal’s Warcraft Weblog we have access to what the Season 3 Arena Gear will be. There are pictures and stats for the Season 3 Arena Gear.

So far the stats look amazing and any PVP Elitest and their Momz will be grinding up honor to get themselves prepared. If you are one of these PVP crazed people and want the best of the best gear. Keep in mind there has been discussion about what it will take to get this set. The shoulders and weapons of Season 3 Arena Gear will require at least an 1800 or higher rating to even purchase. Looks like Blizzard will be bringing a competitive edge back into PVP.

This will be a fair set of rules to determine who is worthy of the Season 3 Arena Gear. Just because you have all day long to grind for honor meant you could get the GM gear with no worries or care about being actually good at PVP. Now you will have to prove yourself to your team and your opponents!

Good luck and we’ll see you on the battlefield!

Season 3 Arena Gear