Evincio’s First Attempt on Gruuls Lair

Evincio First Attempt on Gruuls Lair

“Once again AWSOME job tonight. You guys picked up the strat quick and droped the bomb on the king and his lackeys!! Grats to the 2 priests and thier shiny new shoulders!!

Gruul down to 1%…. Guess he just wasnt ready to die =/ awsome attempt for the first time at him. We will get him!!!”


“very nicely done first time there and 3rd attempt on king maulgar. Grats to everyone who got loot put it to good use and lets down Gruul next time”


“that was the most fun i had in a long time, other than the fact for most of the king maulgar fight i was moral support, but i like to think we did it because i took deathcoils in the face for the team :trollveryhappy: Next time we will get Gruul!!”