Blast to the Past, L2 style…

Back to one of the finest moments in Evincio and Lineage 2 history, the first capture of Aden Castle in North America.

“This gave us an uncontested attempt for Aden castle, so with Dominus, Evolution and Evincio alliance, we planned the assault on Aden castle. The plan was an absolute success, and the 239 people that had gathered for the siege on the Ginnunga teamspeak were all howling with joy. We had taken Aden, something that no one had ever done before. A funny tidbit of information was that the teamspeak consumed 5mbit of bandwidth during the siege, god bless Bredbandsbolaget. Noods of Forbidden and November of Inquisition made a dice roll for who would claim the castle and Noods won the roll.” – Ginnunga

The official Lineage 2 spotlight

Evincio - Capture of Aden Castle