Legendary – Game of Heroes: Update Guild Bosses!

With the new update delivered on Dec 3, 2016, Version 1.7.2 of Legendary – Game of Heroes, Guild bosses will be introduced.

Legendary update 1.7.2 added a new feature, Guild Bosses, to our existing Raid Boss events. You will start seeing these new Guild Bosses in the Wheel Of War event starting this week. This post explains everything you need to know to take down this week’s Guild Boss, Empyrean Korinth.

With the Guild bosses, you will need to either pray you avoid being blinded, have a hero that can cure it, or acquire a new hero, Joan of Arc.


Here are the list of heroes that have Cure Blind counter skill:

– Defiant Joan / Visionary Joan / Joan of Arc
– Ordric Scholar / Ordric Monk
– Yoran Shaman / Yoran Shaman Elder
– Powderhound / Wreckless Powderhound
– Shadowlight Brawler / Shadowlight Bruiser
– Steel Sea Vagrant / Steel Sea Vagabond
– Hellfire Cub / Hellfire Manticore / Fyrion, the Ashen
– Shadowfang / Corrupted Shadowfang / Chegrin, Sun Eater
– Rhinarc / Rhinarc Alpha / Rhohores, Poison Hoof

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