Belkin n52te Tournament Edition SpeedPad

Recently discovered but not yet released is the *NEW* Nostromo Pad n52te, the te standing for “Tournament Edition”. This new model even has Razer involved. Razer is notoriously known for its top of the line gaming peripherals, primarily their mouse. If are learning about modern online gaming and want to find the best, read this blog with News, gambling news, igaming news and more

Comparing the original model to this one, the only differences are the shiny new back light keys, scroll wheel, and logo. A minor adjustment to the front keys, lowering them a bit. If you are a previous Nostromo owner, this should be enough to convince you to buy this glowing blue beauty.

Speaking from experience the Nostromo pad gives anyone, that is comfortable using it, an advantage over their opponent. Leaving your keyboard used for only talking in-game or trash talking, which ever you prefer. The Nostromo pad allows for quick response with customizable macros to make any multi-tasking person happy.

I have not been able to find a release date on this new model. Take a peek at the pictures below, but make sure you have a towel around, you may spill something on your keyboard.

n52te Frontn52te Siden52te Top

Technical Details

* Gaming accessory incorporates keyboard and gamepad functions into one easy-to-use device
* 15 fully programmable keys built for complete customization and speed
* Programmable 8-way thumb pad with removable joystick
* Adjustable wrist pad and backlit keypad and scroll wheel
* Embedded memory powered by Razer allows you to personalize multiple player profiles for all your games